3.1.1 – A Bugfix Update

5 Sep. 2019

  • You can now copy and paste keyframes of multiple bones at once
  • #443 The GIF recorder now hides grids and gizmos
  • Added warning message about saving java entity models only as class file
  • Creating new groups will now add them next to single selected elements instead of around them
  • Update to Electron 6.0.7
  • Cannot delete animation update variable
  • Particles and sounds from animations do not get imported
  • Alt tool remains selected after Alt-tabbing out of the window
  • Locators cannot be moved using sliders
  • Locators display in global space
  • Locators can be selected in animation mode
  • Cannot correctly drag UV selection in box UV models with non-square textures
  • #404 Animations from previous versions are deleted
  • #406 Broken inflating tool
  • #407 Broken vertex snapping on rotated cubes/groups
  • #416 Fullscreen icon and rotation information are stacked on UV editor
  • #420 Painting on missing textures is possible
  • #423 Blockbench project model doesn’t save Project texture resolution
  • #424 Move axis rotated on groups that contain rotated cubes
  • #426 AutoUV doesn’t work on elements that are larger than 16 units
  • #427 UV info text not locked on camera view
  • #428 Windows taskbar includes textures on recent list
  • #430 Screen jittering when hovering last keybind setting
  • #432 Cancel button on Display skin resets skin
  • #440 Wrong UV on valid OptiFine JPM
  • #441 Toggling Wireframe shows what was hidden
  • #442 Popup top bar wont work when on top of main top bar
  • #444 Slight offset on perspective views after opening .bbmodel files

3.1.0 – The Timeline Update

17 Aug. 2019

  • Timeline now supports multiple bones at once
  • Added rectangular keyframe selector
  • Added sound and particle keyframes
  • Added improved JPM import/exporter
  • Control-click on the palette will now remove colors
  • Added maximum recent projects setting
  • Action Control now displays keybindings
  • Double clicking on num slider now resets it to 0
  • #398 Select models by texture
  • Added function to reverse keyframe order
  • Flipping now works on keyframes
  • Made quad view and side views accessible in animation mode
  • Paint Mode no longer resets animation poses
  • Style menu now uses built-in color pickers
  • Design improvements
  • New font, now consistend across all devices
  • Bedrock legacy format now has an individual icon
  • Plugins now support all icon types
  • Pivot tool gizmo now has a centerpiece to distinguish it from regular gizmo
  • App sometimes does not relaunch after update
  • Save button does not ask to save new animations
  • Vertex snap does not calculate offset correctly in entity models
  • Inflate slider ignores size limit
  • Orthographic side grids are visible in screenshots
  • Shift clicking in paint mode would select bone
  • Positions of invisible cubes were not always calculated correctly
  • Orthographic quad viewport camera angles are offset
  • #389 Using SHIFT key to draw straight lines selects cubes while in paint mode
  • #390 Auto UV grid wont detect 48x
  • #392 When canceling a save blockbench will save it as undefined.json
  • #393 Modifying the layout crashes the app
  • #395 Remove blank faces doesn’t work
  • #396 Multi-selection on Mac is done with Ctrl rather than Command
  • #397 Line brush doesn’t work sometimes correctly when clicking near face side

3.0.6 – A Bugfix Update

1 Aug. 2019

  • Added help message for automatic updates that fail due to an unreliable internet connection
  • Cannot open bedrock legacy models

3.0.5 – The Resolution Update

1 Aug. 2019

  • Brought back changed resolution dialog
  • Project texture size now affects auto UV mapping
  • Added 128x and 256x UV grid options
  • Pivot Tool now works in Animation Mode
  • Added action to duplicate animations
  • Added action to toggle painting grid
  • Bedrock models now render as double side again
  • Blockmodels now save the origin even if there is no rotation
  • Shift + left click now selects entire bones
  • Issues with per-face UV mapping on Bedrock models
  • #385 Bedrock 1.12.0 format rotated cubes have inverse Z rotation ingame
  • Inflate does not count towards canvas restriction
  • Vertex Snap and Pivot Tool ignore canvas restriction
  • Undoing keyframe changes can create ghost keyframes
  • UV rotation option is visible on Bedrock models
  • Issues with transform gizmo orientation

3.0.4 – A Bugfix Update

26 Jul. 2019

  • Locators now work in Bedrock Legacy models
  • Creating new models now opens the Project dialog
  • UV editor is visible in Modded Java mode when an empty bone is selected
  • Default folder for new textures is “blocks” instead of “block”
  • Deleting elements while hovering over the transform gizmo breaks canvas interaction
  • Origin and vertex gizmos don’t always scale with view
  • Cubes cannot be resized to 0 if the size is smaller than the interval
  • Creating elements causes problems in Sessions due to stringified data structure
  • Box UV toggle it not hidden in modes where it should be disabled
  • Export path of .java models is not remembered
  • Inflate slider does not appear in right order in size toolbar
  • Auto size in UV menu does not respect rotation
  • Resetting UV face does not fully update preview
  • Generating template with multi assigned textures does not correctly configure UV mirror
  • Fixed typo in issue template
  • #374 Grid is too high in other modes
  • #382 RendererModels aren’t initialized in the correct order when exporting a modded entity to .java

3.0.3 – A Bugfix Update

21. Jul. 2019

  • Space bar now swaps between alt tools
  • Double update notification
  • Bedrock model cube names are not supported by model format
  • Overwrite does not save animations
  • Issues in animation after removing bones
  • Pasting groups does not correctly set up bone structure
  • Animation mode overwrites custom particles and sounds
  • Inflate slider is not present by default
  • #370 Blockbench doesn’t open model when Blockbench is already open
  • #379 Exporting Bedrock Entities
  • #378 File extensions are not automatically added on Linux

3.0.2 – A Bugfix Update

19. Jul. 2019

  • Added Element Panel for desktop devices
  • Added Add Locator button to edit menu
  • Reverted save keybindings to old defaults
  • Moved “Free” model format to bottom of list to help people who don’t read
  • Inputs in the scale dialog are not aligned
  • Dialogs on mobile app spawn offcentered
  • Cube names in bedrock models are not imported
  • Clipboard does not work for groups
  • Removing elements via X button doesn’t delete full selection
  • Area Selection tool selects invisible cubes
  • Template generator assigns spots multiple times
  • Plugin loader does not correctly load new local plugins
  • Button to select scale overflow does not always work
  • Main preview on mobile app sometimes disappears after using sidebar
  • #372 move the camera origin to the center in other modes
  • #342 Download archive keybind on desktop app version.
  • #362 .OBJ export wont export images nor .mtl file
  • #364 Theme settings go over border when zoomed in
  • #368 Overwrite model and settings on same default keybind (CTRL/CMD+E)

3.0.1 – A Bugfix Update

17. Jul. 2019

  • Window does not display on Mac
  • Unable to create groups
  • Keybinds are converted to Mac format on Windows
  • Cannot move rotated cubes on world axis
  • Not centered transform controls caused by origin offset on not-rotated cubes

3.0.0 – The Format Update

17 Jul. 2019

  • Added Start Screen
  • Added format system. Each format is tailored for a specific output.
  • Added 1.12 bedrock model format, supporting per-cube-rotations
  • Added per-face UV for Bedrock and OptiFine entity models
  • Added Locators
  • New frameless design
  • New custom UI layout for mobile devices
  • You can now display multiple animations simultaneously
  • Added crossbow to display mode
  • Added search bar to settings and keybindings menu
  • Added button to turn UV mapping
  • Added model stats window (simply click on the element counter)
  • Side views now show a grid
  • Added line brush: Press shift to draw lines
  • Added wireframe enabled/disabled message
  • Added support for extra mouse buttons
  • Added desktop notifications
  • Made timeline snappier
  • #300 Clickable link on chat
  • #314 Action to remove all faces with blank texture
  • #313 Swap UV scales button
  • #305 Save Edit Sessions username to local storage
  • #336 Compress texture without creating duplicate textures for co-located UVs
  • #339 Painting grid
  • #354 Minimum noise opacity slider
  • #358 Allow adding multiple models at once
Internal Changes
  • Updated Electron to 5.0.6
  • Updated ThreeJS to 105
  • Updated VueJS to 2.6.10
  • Updated to Fontawesome 5.8
  • Switched to MolangJS
  • Added support for other element types in the outliner
  • Modular feature system for model formats
  • Improved the plugin API
  • Markdown support for plugin descriptions, dialogs etc.
  • Project files and backups are now compressed using lzutf8.js
  • Flipping a bone creates broken undo point
  • Deleting a texture from hard drive unloads that texture
  • Rotation gizmo in animation mode limited to 360° range
  • CMD key on MacOS cannot be used for keybindings
  • Resetting a keyframe does not update Molang text boxes
  • #356 Rel. Auto UV abbreviation messing up search function
  • #309 Cannot drag UV area outside of UV box when zoomed in
  • #349 Non zoomed UV can be dragged
  • #302 No exit/cancel button on extrude image
  • #304 Extrude Image dialog has old style dropdown
  • #303 Extruded image wont find image path on webapp
  • #325 Entity .bbmodel gets saved as bedrock entity model with quick save
  • #317 Undo doesn’t work after pasting an animation keyframe value
  • #340 Cannot rename animations, cubes or groups with F2
  • #337 Painting after editing a texture on other program will undo edits made in that
  • #348 Grid resolution affects paint tool settings
  • #342 Download archive keybind on desktop app version
  • #310 Doubleclicking visibility button activates renaming
  • #320 Blockbench’s MoLang parser is case sensitive
  • #327 Pressing enter on Sketchfab upload description will submit model instead of changing row
  • #332 Play animation button wont appear when importing texture containing an animation

2.6.7 – A Bugfix Update

29 Jun. 2019

  • #301 Counter clockwise rotate rotates UV incorrectly
  • #311 Incorrect UV rotating/mirroring with cube rotate
  • #321 Animation “Override” option is saved incorrectly
  • #322 Animation update variable isn’t saved
  • #324 Invalid .bbmodel files with saving
  • #328 Exported Animations Broken?
  • #333 Scale tool wont cancel UV correctly on entity mode
  • #334 Scale keyframe only saves the x value
  • #347 Pasting textures cannot be undone on entity mode

2.6.6 – The Chat Update (2)

12 Apr. 2019

  • Edit Session syncing only works one way
  • #299 Session wont end when webapp host closes Blockbench

2.6.5 – The Chat Update

12 Apr. 2019

  • Added Chat
  • Action Control now displays keybindings while holding ALT
  • Various improvements to sessions
  • Improved Sketchfab uploader
  • Added project export format to file menu
  • Added Markdown link support to dialog texts
  • Added select type to dialog form api
    • Creating templates doesn’t correctly sync in sessions
    • Moving multiple keyframes does not work correctly
    • #293 Download archive doesn’t save textures
    • #291 Scale gets increased while dragging UV


  • #290 Extruded textures wont be applied nor updated to session clients
  • #289 Project options aren’t shared on sessions
  • #288 Cube color or texture changes wont update for other users
  • #286 Cube and group renaming gets interrupted by actions by other
  • #282 Unable to change UV Grid

2.6.0 – The Connection Update

07 Apr. 2019

  • Edit Sessions: Collaborate with users all over the world
  • Added Sketchfab uploader
  • Made UV Editor zoomable and tweaked design
  • Added Color Selector panel
  • Added form function to dialog API
  • Added reverse selection through clicking in the UV editor
  • Added option to change the center when using the scale interface
  • Option to define keybindings for sliders and dropdown menus
  • Scale animations now work on all axes individually
  • Added backup recovery dialog
  • Added button to reset values of selected keyframes
  • Turntable option for the GIF recorder
  • Action Control now displays the description of the selected action
  • Saving now also saves animation if possible
  • Added setting to show element colors in the outliner
  • Textures now display specific error messages
  • #267 Option to generate texture to the nearest power of 2
  • New Language: Portuguese
  • Moving the origin of a bone without selecting the content displays incorrect positions
  • Undo doesn’t reliably work for animations
  • Scrollbars use default OS design on Firefox
  • Pulled Bow display slot uses wrong position
  • #245 Negative cubes are displayed incorrectly on display mode
  • #260 Face Borders inaccurate for paint tool
  • #261 Textures reset to default naming when loading a model
  • #263 Ghost cubes after undoing added model
  • #268 Template generator creates black template if color isn’t transparent
  • #270 Selected cubes wont be unselected after selecting a group
  • #273 Toggle UV Overlay glitch
  • #274 Color picker appears at wrong location if applied to UV window toolbars
  • #276 Color palette offset if using zoom
  • #277 Undo wont update on paint tools with opened models
  • #278 Delete button doesn’t delete empty folders
  • #281 Model disappears when going to display mode while moving camera

2.5.1 – The Texture Crisis Update

11 Mar. 2019

  • Importing block models does not import textures
  • Texture namespace does not load into texture menu
  • #261 Textures reset to default naming when loading a model
  • #264 Texture delete button not translated

2.5.0 – The Dragging Update

09 Mar. 2019

  • Added Pivot Tool
  • Added animation timeline bar
  • Added animation playback speed slider and back/forth buttons
  • Improved drag & drop in outliner
  • Added texture resolution label
  • New file format for Blockbench backups
  • Added zip archive exporter for web app
  • OptiFile JEM Models now support nested bones
  • Added inflate for block/item mode
  • Added interface for keybind recording
  • Allow drawing on cubes with a depth of 0
  • Improved rendering on high DPI screens
  • Screenshots taken in GUI Slot display mode will now be cropped to the slot size
  • Fill tool on Cube-mode does not work with dragging
  • Copy-pasting filled groups does not work
  • Missing undo registration for UV-pasting
  • Box-UV-Overlay disappears after dragging
  • #259 Paint tool doesn’t work correctly when painting over transform indicators
  • #246 Undo doesn’t work while UV window or full view is active
  • #256 Flip tool doesn’t paste faces correctly
  • #257 Removing transparent face takes 2 undo actions
  • #248 UV copy paste text missing from full view window
  • #251 Can’t export to OBJ | Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined
  • #252 Animation texture not playing on cubes
  • #255 Extruded textures don’t have their textures

2.4.0 – The Action Control Update

03. Feb. 2019

  • Press F to open Action Control: New interface to search and execute actions
  • Added modes for the fill tool
  • Added preview brightness option in the menu
  • Added toolbar below the UV editor for entity mode
  • Option to show all UV template overlays at once
  • Option to compress texture templates
  • Option in the scale window to select all clipping cubes
  • Blockbench now keeps local Plugins loaded after restart
  • Added option to apply texture to all blank faces
  • Dragging a bone in Entity mode now moves the bone origins
  • Copy/Paste in text fields does not work on Mac
  • Origin to Geometry does not work with multiple elements
  • Opening a second instance of Blockbench resets user customizations
  • #239 Display scale reset button resets to 0 instead of 1
  • #241 Toggling wireframe on animation mode wont display modified frame correctly
  • #242 Quad view opens in animation mode when using Tab keybind
  • #237 Display scale mirror inverts after saving
  • #226 Eraser, fill & color picker tools don’t work on UV editor window
  • #224 Preview Skin Torso is displayed mirrored on front and back
  • #240 Rotate tool doesn’t work on normal 1st person view
  • #238 48x textures cannot be dragged to corners
  • #236 Incorrect UV values with zoom
  • #244 Fill tool wont fill subpixel areas correctly
  • #225 Area select tool selects hidden cubes
  • #227 Cant Export as Blockmodel or Save
  • #222 East relative-auto-UV is upside down
  • #230 Color picker doesn’t copy transparency values
  • #231 Image editor error
  • #243 Group folders cannot be duplicated with keybinds

2.3.2 – A Bugfix Update

09. Jan. 2019

  • Press Escape key to cancel changes made with the transform gizmo
  • Blockbench now draws plugins from the Github plugin repo instead of its web server
  • Update to Electron 4.0.1
  • Dragging timeline marker only works within timeline head area
  • Issues with undoing keyframe edits
  • MacOS installer missing
  • #217 Lefthand display problem

2.3.1 – A Bugfix Update

29. Dec. 2018

  • Blockbench now automatically detects and sets the format version for bedrock models
  • Added back scrolling on sliders
  • Tool shortcuts will now switch modes to allow selecting the tool
  • Library Updates: (Electron: 2.0.0 > 4.0.0, VueJS: 2.5.16 > 2.5.21)
  • Overall performance improvement caused by the Electron update. It is recommended to use the installer to update to this version.
  • Rotation gizmo glitches with Restricted Rotations enabled
  • Origin duplication caused by the rotate tool/sliders
  • Transform > Scale… does not change bone origins
  • Template generator does not work in entity mode

2.3.0 – The Tool Update

27. Dec. 2018

  • Added Rotation Tool
  • Added Modes
  • Transform Gizmos now work in Display and Animation Mode
  • Split Brush into 4 seperate tools
  • Made Brush about 24 times faster
  • The Texture Template Generator can now copy existing textures
  • Added function to automatically clear old backups (Can be changed in Settings)
  • Added Progress Bar for GIF Recording
  • Added Cancel-button for screenshots
  • Undo now works in Display Mode
  • Bones now automatically prevent duplicate names
  • Library updates: (Three.JS: r99)
  • Invisible cubes reappear after using Transform > Rotate
  • GIF recorder records while processing the GIF instead of before
  • Undo only saves one texture when painting across multiple in one strike
  • #191 Selection outline disappears in some viewing angles
  • #206 Grid smaller than 64 is not possible
  • #208 Export to .java entity model issue

2.2.2 – A Bugfix Update

16. Dec. 2018

  • Added language: Swedish
  • Blockmodel exporter broken
  • Interface resizers hidden
  • #204 Transparent faces won’t be copied when duplicating a cube

2.2.1 – A Bugfix Update

16. Dec. 2018

  • Added X-Ray outline option
  • Performance improvements and other tweaks
  • Block model rotations don’t export correctly after using Transform > Rotate
  • Editing an animation marks the model as unsaved
  • Update Project Resolution message appears when it should not
  • Changing the grid resolution does not visually update the grid
  • #197 Head Preview of Player Model too low
  • #198 Vertex snap cubes wont be hidden when taking a model screenshot
  • #200 Can’t Copy/Paste in Display Mode

2.2.0 – The GIF Update

2. Dec. 2018

  • Added GIF recorder
  • Added .java class model exporter
  • Made keyframes snap to other keyframes
  • Added mirror option to display mode
  • New menu to change background position
  • Origin indicator does not work for empty groups
  • #195 Paint tools color selector doesn’t open from correct location
  • #196 UV editor toolbar menu breaks
  • #77 Image Extrusion Error
  • #183 Keyframe creation buttons are displayed wrongly with different interface zoom settings
  • #181 Can’t delete groups
  • #186 Preview skin overlay is too big
  • #138 Unable to use brush on some faces

2.1.0 – The Animation Update

11. Nov. 2018

    • Added animation interface
    • Player reference model now supports layers and slim arms
    • Added material option for bones
    • Added back keybindings to switch camera angles
    • Added new languages: Chinese and Polish
    • Added loading error message
    • Option to Alt+click on an action to change it’s keybind
    • Improved performance
    • Transform controls are often not positioned at the element
    • Exporting an already saved texture corrupts file
    • Pressing Enter in the color picker does not save current texture to the palette
    • #51 Inner cube textures don’t render inside an outer cube with transparent texture
    • #126 The UV of the reference models are wrong
    • #157 Player skin broken with skin is slim/Alex
    • #171 Quad view top right pane resets
    • #167 Visibility of groups is saved
    • #177 Rescale selection doesn’t restore (Unable to change rescale axis)

    2.0.2 – A Bugfix Update

    23. Oct. 2018

      • Added bone parenting support for entity models
      • Added new languages: French and Russian
      • Menu bar menues now close when clicking on the menu bar text again.
      • Added keybinds to move cubes relative to the viewer (removed in 2.0.0)
      • Brush line does not connect when moving to fast
      • Auto UV mapping issues
      • Brush offset in the UV editor on higher resolutions
      • #161 Cube name exports even when at default value
      • #159 Issue with UV Size slider
      • #150 Missing Convert Model translation
      • #165 Updating textures only works 10 times after start
      • #144 Can’t export as Optifine JPM
      • #155 Particle texture causes error on model import
      • #164 Invisible cubes don’t update when wireframe mode is changed
      • #151 UV dialog sliders are stacked in entity mode
      • #167 Missing textures cause model to break
      • #170 Complex rotations don’t import

      2.0.1 – A Bugfix Update

      18. Oct. 2018

        • Removed unsupported mobile tab system in favor of the desktop website
        • Import dialog on macOS does not work with file extensions
        • Unable to export entity model
        • Color Picker does not save transparent textures
        • Color Picker does not change the template color
        • Missing translation for UV keybinding category
        • Error when displaying animated texture
        • #143 Import Style button does not work (+Export)

        2.0.0 – The Action Update

        17. Oct. 2018

        • Language Option (English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Spanish, more coming soon)
        • Quad Preview
        • Customizable Interface and Toolbars
        • Area Selector
        • New Optifine entity exporter
        • New Rotation System, allows fine rotations for OBJ Models
        • Entity Mode Preview Icons
        • Color Palette for the Color Picker
        • Automated Backups
        • Plugin Information Cards
        • Texture Namespace support
        • Option to select Default Image Editor for Textures
        • Option to change the Display Mode Skin
        • Optifine model import support
        • Improved Auto UV System
        • TGA Import Support
        • Move Relative Option now available in Entity Mode
        • Removed the bitmap/link system for textures, now handles mode automatically
        • Option to change the location of all loaded texture at once
        • Enabled double side rendering for display and entity mode
        • Improved template texture generator, now also available for block models
        • Settings and Keybindings are now sorted in categories
        • New, clearer design for context menues and tooltips
        • Added new custom icons
        Technical Changes
        • Complete rewrite of the undo system
        • New “Action” system that handles all keybinds, toolbars and menues
        • New import, export and file drop API.
        • Library updates: (Electron: 1.8.4 > 2.0.0, Three.JS: 84 > 92, FileSaver: > 1.3.8)
        • Copy and pasting UV faces does not work properly in Entity Mode
        • #141 Invisible Cube when switching visibility in wireframe mode
        • #140 An error occurs when view a zero-sized cube in wireframe mode
        • #125 Large context menues are partly unreachable
        • #118 Move/Scale not working properly when a bone is rotated
        • #135 Web App Files incompatible with PC version
        • #124 Apply on all Slots isn’t applying to all slots
        • #120 vertex snapping and wireframe mode throw errors when an element is selected and you do an action
        • #121 Optifine’s entity model don’t export with rotation
        • Exporting an entity model does not update the status bar
        • While using the drag tool cubes exceed the 3x3x3 limit.

        1.11.6 – A Bugfix Update

        7. May 2018

        • Added new JSON exporter
        • Improved JSON importer
        • Fixed updating issues with invisible elements
        • Converting entity model to block model does not work

        1.11.5 – More Than A Bugfix Update

        28. Apr. 2018

        • If textures of entity models are missing, Blockbench now uses textures from the default path.
        • Added cube count in entity model import list
        • Enabled auto UV for models with no defined UV coordinates
        • UV Shift now affects all elements for consistency
        • The resize tool now scales relative to the previous size
        • Added more error dialogs for invalid model files
        • Unable to merge block models via Add > Model
        • UV mapping in entity mode does not round numbers correctly
        • UV shifting does not update the preview
        • Opening texture folders does not work
        • Resolution does not default to 64×64 in entity mode
        • #113 OBJ exporter does not export transparent faces correctly

        1.11.2 – The 2nd FPS Update

        16. Apr. 2018

        • Improved performance
        • Added stretched bow reference to the display editor (First Person Shooter)
        • Changed 3D helper and gizmo colors
        • In entity mode the bone origin is not flipped correctly on the X axis
        • UV mapping on the down side if flipped in entity mode
        • Z-Fighting in the armor stand model in display mode
        • ‘Apply To All Faces’ does not correctly update the preview
        • Entering numbers manually in the UV editor does not update the preview

        1.11.1 – A Bugfix Update

        5. Apr. 2018

        • Added painting in the UV editor
        • Individial sizes for the main and the single UV dialog.
        • Copy/Pasting after clicking the preview now handles Faces instead of cubes
        • Added Texture option to the context menu of cubes
        • Mirror property in bedrock models does not export correctly
        • Creating a template texture for bedrock models does not work
        • UV Window shrinks when clicking “All” button
        • 3rd person arm slots use the wrong offset
        • UV offest numbers in entity mode don’t adapt when the resolution changes

        1.11.0 – The Paint Update

        28. Mar. 2018

        • Made it possible to edit textures inside Blockbench!
        • Added brush tool
        • Added blank texture generator with template option
        • Ported Vertex Snapping by SirBenet into Blockbench
        • Added “Recent Projects” menu
        • Made screenshots crop automatically
        • Added option to screenshot the whole program (Desktop only)
        • Added button in Project dialog to convert entity/block models
        • Added warning message for loading textures from outside the pack
        • #101 Added Inflate property for entity models
        • Improved copy/paste
        • Added “mirror”-option for entity models
        • #105 Hide installed plugins in the `Available` tab
        • #71 Elements remain outside of the 3×3 box even if unrestricted mode was disabled
        • #72 Some tooltips do not allign with screen resolution
        • #102 Blockbench ignores visibility options on load
        • #106 Drag/Scale don’t cancel moving viewpoint in smartphone
        • #107 Groups inside bones don’t export in entity mode
        • #108 Linux plugins can’t be installed
        • #110 Keybind for reloading plugins doesn’t work
        • Bones are mirrored in entity mode
        • UV Dialog is not draggable in entity mode
        • Elements in the outliner cannot be dragged by the name
        • Dragging elements in rotated bones sometimes inverts direction
        • Can’t scroll outliner while dragging an element
        API Changes
        • Added functions to edit textures (Painter.edit())
        • Added “JIMP”, a library to edit images
        • Added plugin api for custom tools
        • Added oldest compatible Blockbench version property for plugins
        • Plugins are now saved in user data folder. (Windows: appdata/roaming/
        • The “selected” array now stores cubes instead of indexes
        • Texture mapping for entity mode is now stored in cube.uv_offset
        • Added Canvas.raycast() function, returns information about what the user is hovering over in the preview

        1.10.3 – A Bugfix Update

        • Plugins now update automatically when you launch Blockbench
        • Changed button label of the text prompt from “Save” to “Confirm”
        • #93 The button “Origin to Geometry” does not work as expected
        • #91 “Restricted Canvas” option has the wrong description
        • #90 The changelog content doesn’t fit in the changelog window
        • Ambient occlusion disables itself
        • Splash screen does not show up reliably
        • Groups disable the export toggle when imported from a model file
        • Blockbench does not pick model name from file name

        1.10.2 – A Bugfix Update

        • New option to disable 3×3 block restriction
        • #89 Saving doesn’t work with specific display settings
        • Display tab is still accessible in entity mode
        • Auto Updater doesn’t work on macOS

        1.10.1 – A Bugfix Update

        • In entity mode, a new bone is now automatically created when you add a new cube
        • Bedrock exporter sometimes write texture resolution as string
        • Java exporter omits display settings if scale is unchanged
        • Moving the origin of a bone does not update it’s cubes
        • Auto UV does not trigger when moving elements
        • Blockbench does not properly remove plugins when an error occurs

        1.10.0 – The Bedrock Update

        7. Nov. 2017

        • Accurate texture preview for Bedrock entities
        • Rotating bones is now possible
        • Model backup function if mobs.json is invalid
        • Added messageBox to API
        • Made the animation for the “ground” display slot smoother
        • Added Tip button to show random tipps and tricks about Blockbench
        • #74 Added button to reload test plugins
        • Scale gizmo does not adapt to rotation of cubes
        • Deleting a texture always removes the first texture
        • Changing the visibility of elements does not update sometimes

        1.9.1 – The FPS Update

        • Increased FPS by 200%
        • Fine-tuned display-mode views
        • Importing a model with a missing texture creates an infinite loop
        • Fixed multiple tiny bugs in the Dialog API
        • Relative Auto UV button in the UV dialog toolbar doesn’t work
        • Fixed multiple bugs on the rotation panel with switched sidebars
        • Theme CSS does not load on program start
        • #70 Axis rotation dropdown menu is rendered through the “File” menu

        1.9 – The UV Update

        28. Aug. 2017

        • Added new UV mapping window
        • Added support for animated textures
        • Screenshots from within the program
        • Added new display mode references, such as armor stands, zombies and different inventory locations
        • Added splashscreen
        • Added entity mode to disable block model limitations
        • Rotating more than 45° with the rotation slider will now use calculated rotations
        • Added keybind to swap move and scale tool (spacebar)
        • Added sub menus to context menus
        • Improved save warning message
        • Made file dialogs stick to the main window in the desktop app
        • Dragging a group into itself causes it to disappear
        • Sliders don’t update when moving a cube
        • Undo does not save auto uv property
        • #59

        1.8.2 – A Bugfix Update

        • Changed the icon for dragging a texture
        • Dialogs can’t be moved behind the window frame
        • .obj export does not work
        • Plugin dialog does not adapt screen size
        • Plugins sometimes don’t load correctly
        • #59 Error when exporting with groups disabled

        1.8.1 – A Bugfix Update

        • Added lots of reset buttons to the keybind menu
        • Added onInstall event for plugins
        • Dragging an element into the outliner now moves it to the bottom if it has already been in the root layer
        • #56 Added link to bugtracker in the “About” tab
        • Canvas rotation keybind does not work by default
        • Plugin menu breaks if the program can not connect to the api
        • #54 Status bar switch does not work
        • #57 UV tool menu stays on the left side in mirror mode

        1.8 – The Plugin Update

        1. Aug. 2017

        • Added Plugin Library! You can submit your own plugins
        • Added group hierarchy
        • Added context menus
        • New Icon
        • Made dialogs draggable
        • Added importing and exporting layouts
        • Added more options for layouts
        • Added option to unselect when clicking in the canvas background
        • Improved canvas control keybindings
        • Added warning message for unsupported browsers
        • Improved menu bar
        • Added search bar to Bedrock model import dialog
        • Added warning message for capital texture names
        • Added settings to mirror the layout
        • Improved mobile layout
        • #36 Added menu option to hide the status bar
        • Changing the source of a texture in the web app changes previous textures aswell
        • #46 Number rounding

        1.7 – The Rainbow Update

        • Totally improved scale control
        • Tidied up UV panel
        • Added shading
        • Improved support for mirrored UV mapping
        • Added tabs for edit / display mode
        • Tweaked ‘File’ menu
        • Split up ‘Edit’ menu into ‘Edit’ and ‘Transform’
        • Added ‘Invert Selection’ Menu
        • Unused controls are hidden when nothing is selected
        • Added cursors for brush tool
        • #3 Added different colors for untextured elements
        • #32 Moving elements with the arrow keys now adapts to the camera position
        • #41 Added 3×3 outline box
        • #36 Added menu option to hide the status bar
        • Undo/Redo breaks group links
        • Brush works outside of boundaries
        • #45 Editing sometimes does not correctly update the preview

        1.6.5 – A Bugfix Update

        • Tweaked controls
        • Added ‘Remove Rotation’ button
        • Added button to reload updates
        • #13 Button to sort elements
        • #30 Ability to customize the credit comment
        • #20 Added usage for shift key for various UV buttons
        • Optimized performance when working with lots of elements
        • Obj-export crashes
        • Incorrect UV mapping of player skin in display settings
        • Scale tool doesn’t work when object is 0 wide
        • Inactive axis is visible in side view
        • Offset of rotated, rescaled elements slightly off
        • #40 Incorrect slider/input behaviour in Firefox

        1.6 – The Flow Update

        • Added 3-axis control tool for moving and scaling elements
        • Added customizable backgrounds
        • Added Optifine .jpm export
        • Combined all texture settings into one texture menu
        • Added update notification
        • Added option to broadcast every action in the status bar
        • Changed cullface setting from toggle to dropdown menu
        • Added full 3×3 grid
        • Added sections in keybinding menu
        • Tweaked UV tools
        • Added anti-aliasing
        • Added menu entry to rotate on Z axis
        • #29 Strange cursor behaviour in display scale input
        • #34 Crash when clicking on external links
        • #35 Status bar gap
        • Rolling uses wrong origin

        1.5 – The Last Update

        • Added update menu
        • Added project menu
        • Added status bar
        • Added wireframe mode
        • Improved zoom-options
        • #25 After removing a texture the texture still persists in the UV Editor
        • #28 UV window closes when clicking undo or redo
        • #31 Arrow key in text field moves element
        • Entity model cube origin does not load correctly
        • Entity model uv uses numbers 0-16

        1.4.2 – A Bugfix Update

        • #16 No layout option for highlighted menu
        • #19 Can’t rename groups
        • #21 Cleared side textures aren’t the same
        • #22 Dragged models don’t appear in windows application name
        • #23 “Extrude from texture” dialogue doesn’t close

        1.4 – The UI Update

        • Added custom color menu
        • Tweaked lots of little things around the UI
        • Face-lifted settings menu
        • Massive performance increase when working with lots of elements
        • Added multi-level texture folder support
        • Added center menu
        • Added roll function to rotate around X axis
        • Added entity model import
        • Entity model export can now modify mobs.json file
        • Added keybindings to move elements
        • Filename displays in window title
        • Open with… Blockbench support
        • Importing and exporting groups
        • Added option to hide the grid
        • UV editor now changes color to be more visible on different backgrounds
        • Added texture export to .OBJ export
        • Re-arranged import and export buttons
        • Added message box to display feedback
        • Added interface zoom menu
        • Changed order of faces in UV editor
        • Changed UV copy system
        • Added cube properties menu
        • Added more buttons to edit and delete textures
        • Fixed undo system and added redo function
        • Fixed: Colors of axis-helpers don’t match Minecraft
        • Fixed slider inaccuracy on screen edges
        • Fixed display scale input not updating preview
        • Fixed: Clear side would not update texture in UV editor
        • Fixed texture error icons not updating
        • Fixed possible texture ID overlapping when importing models
        • Fixed particle texture going missing when importing from JSON file

        1.3 – The Texture Update

        • Added Image Extrusion, converts textures into models
        • Added Selection Creator
        • Added large grid option
        • Added missing texture icon
        • The grid now adapts the grid size from the settings
        • Fixed the misterious UV Rotation bug
        • Tweaked and fixed the file loader in the web app
        • Missing textures now also work as intended in the desktop app
        • Fixed number duplication when changing group-origins

        1.2 – The First Update

        • Official Discord for Blockbench and other related things: http://discord.gg/fZQbxbg
        • Added View menu and new camera angles
        • Added arrows for block translation, scaling and origin
        • Made rotation slider update instantly
        • Changed missing-texture textures, makes more sense now!
        • Fixed null bug in entity model export
        • Fixed cube context menu being hidden when on the bottom of the list
        • Fixed cancel button in scale-dialog
        • Fixed texture thumbnails not updating instantly when re-opening textures

        1.1.1 – The Original

        5. May. 2017