When Blockbench first came out in May 2017, it was a simple model creator used by a small community of map makers. Now, 17 months later, it has become a modeling tool used by thousands of people all across the world. But not everyone speaks English. Often people message me about translations and sometimes even offer to translate the program to their own language. So I coded a brand new system for all text inside the program over the past weeks and today I can announce that Blockbench will finally support translations!

The Translation Website of Blockbench

How it Works

The translations will be community-sourced. This means that if you are fluent in another language and know your way around Blockbench, you can contribute to the translation project of that language. The Blockbench interface has been split up into many small strings for each button and message. To contribute, choose your language and then simply translate each string from English into that language.

What to Keep in Mind

When you are translating, please write your translations carefully and read over them once you’re done. This is to ensure a consistently high quality standard.

  • Check the casing and form. This depends on the language, but often button labels are capizalized while dialog messages are written like regular sentences with a point at the end.
  • Avoid typos.
  • Check the context of the string. Open Blockbench to compare if necessary.
  • Be consistent. For example, avoid calling a cube “Cube” in one string and “Box” in another.
  • %0 is a placeholder for custom values like numbers. Keep them in your string.

For now, I have set up the most common languages on the translation website. If you want to contribute to a language that is missing from the list, message me on my Discord server and react with your flag in the #languages channel. If we get enough contributors, I will add that language.

The updates in the language files will not appear in Blockbench right away. Instead, when a new release of Blockbench is created, the current state of the all completed translations will be packaged with it.

Let’s Translate!

If you want to help, it starts with the following link. I am happy about every contributor! Blockbench Translation Project

Do you have any questions? Message me on the Blockbench Discord server: discord.blockbench.net