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Command Aliases

$i = Returns the command block number

Project Manager


General Functions

Target Selector - A target selector will generate relative coordinates leading to a command block in the same project. Examples: Use #this to target the first block of the current line. Use #loop to target the line #loop. Use .5 to target the 5th command of the current chain. Target selectors can be used with the auto and wait command.

Alias - An alias is a simple way to write less text for commands, that occur often but with similar syntax. Aliases can be used with arguments that are stated in the command with a dollar sign followed by any character. $i returns the command block number. With //runJS you can just write a javascript function that returns a string.

Command Aliases

The One Command Compiler supports a few custom commands that make specific things easier. You can add more of these in Settings>Aliases

/untag <tag> - Removes the tag from all players that have it

/reset <objective> - Resets the score for all players that have a minimum of 1

/wait <time[t/s]> [iterations[t/s]] [target] - Waits for n ticks/seconds before continuing the chain. Will activate a target instead when specified. Requires AEC timer module

/delete #this - Placed on the end of a line, it will remove the current chain after activation

/auto<0/1> <line-name> - Activates/Deactivates that chain. Also works with coordinates

/invert - Inverts condition from previous command block

/print <player> <color>:<message> - Short form for /tellraw. Use color and text alternating, seperated by : and ; Use prefix (s) to indicate a selector

Replace Syntax

Put these in the "Replace" field in the find/replace dialog, it will replace the thing with generated numbers, one iteration per command

/stack <start>,<step> - Replaces value with numbers, starting from <start>, increasing with each command by <step>

/range <start>,<end> - Replaces value with numbers, beginning with <start>, ending with <end>

/coords <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> [<x3> <y3> <z3>] - Replaces value with every coordinate between point 1 and point 2. (Use point 3 do define spacing of coordinates, defaults to 1)


TAB - Auto-complete command

Ctrl + P - Parse current command (Apply aliases)

Ctrl + Delete - Removes current command

Ctrl + D - Duplicates current command

Ctrl + Shift + D - Duplicates all selected command

Ctrl + A - Selects current command

Return - Goto next command

Shift + Return - Insert empty command block

Shift + Up/Down - Move command block

Shift + Leftclick on command block - Locks/unlocks command block

Ctrl + Numpad 1 - Toggle current command block type

Ctrl + Numpad 2 - Toggle current conditional mode

Ctrl + Numpad 3 - Toggle current activation mode

Command Block NBT

Custom Name:
Stats Type:

Load a Preset

AEC Delay Base Module
Can be used with the /wait command
Ground Crafting
Simple ground Crafting Preset
Initial Commands
Creates scoreboards etc. when installing
Player Init
Handles players who join for the first time
Player Relog
Handles players who join after the first time
Player Death
Handles dying players
Prepare World
Prepares a new world (Gamerules etc.)
Test Before Game Start
Test if arena is empty etc.
Countdown (3-0)
Creates a simple countdown with sounds
Area Effect Cloud Duration :
Item Pickup Delay :
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