Blockbench: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blockbench free?

Yes, Blockbench is absolutely free! The project is open source and the website is funded by donations.

Can I use Blockbench models in my (commercial) project?

Everything that you make with Blockbench is your artwork. Blockbench is just a tool. That means that you can use and redistribute anything made with Blockbench, even for commercial use. It would, however, be nice if you give credit – and leave the credit line in the json file – in return.

Why does some antivirus software warn about the Blockbench installer?

Antivirus programs detect downloaded executable files that are not signed. Signing requires a specific certificate which is not viable for an independent developer like me. Blockbench and all it’s libraries and frameworks are open source, so you can be sure that the installer is safe to use.

Where do I find error messages?

If there is an issue with either Blockbench itself or a plugin, you can see the error message in the Blockbench console. To see the console, press Control + Shift + I at the same time. In some cases you will not see the console directly, so you have to click on the “Console” tab. Include a screenshot of the error message in your bug report.

The web app preview does not load. What can I do?

Make sure your browser is WebGL-compatible. Go to and check is a cube appears. If it doesn’t, update or switch your browser. The latest versions of Chrome and Opera should work.

If this doesn’t help, it might be an individual problem with your graphics drivers.

What limitations does the web-app have?

The web-app is a fully-functional version of the app. Only some import / export features require extra steps due to security features in browsers. Model import is still possible, but their textures have to be loaded manually.

Will there be a mobile/Android version of Blockbench?

A Blockbench app is not planned. Blockbench can be used on phones by using the web app, but using a computer for modeling is strongly recommended.

How do I add background images/blueprints?

You can add background images to each camera angle in Blockbench. On orthographic camera angles, the background can be used as a blueprint for the model. To add a new background, right click in the preview and choose “Load Background”. After loading a background, right click again to position or remove the background.

Why does my texture not show up in the UV editor?

Make sure that you are loading textures from your hard drive. Loading textures from servers or usb drives can cause problems.

Why is the Blockbench interface flickering and turning blurry?

This is an issue with your graphics settings. If you are using an Nvidia graphics card, open the Nvidia Control Panel, select “3D Settings” > “Manage 3D Settings” and disable “Antialiasing – FXAA”. Click “Apply”. The changes will show after you restart Blockbench.


Why are my texture gone/white after saving and opening the model?

Blockbench uses the normal resource pack structure to load textures. You should always load textures into Blockbench from the same resource pack that your model is in. Only that way Blockbench knows where the textures are saved. This is the recommended file structure:

Can I rotate an element more precisely / on multiple axes at once?

If you are creating a block or item model for Minecraft Java edition, the restrictions of the format (22.5° angles, only one axis) apply. In other formats, either the cubes or bones can be rotated freely.

How can I make a model bigger than 3 by 3 by 3?

If you are creating a block or item model for Minecraft Java edition, the restrictions of the format (coordinates between -16 and 32) apply.
There are, however, a few tricks to get larger models. To scale the model up in Minecraft, scale up the model using the display settings and use an armor stand to place the model into your world.

Why does my model look black and magenta ingame?

There are two situations where this can happen.

A: The shape displays correctly but with a black/magenta texture. This means that the game wasn’t able to load your texture. Double check that your texture is in a resource pack and has a valid file name (use only lower case letters, numbers and underscores).

B: The model displays as a black/magenta cube. This is an issue with the model itself, check the game console for more info.

Why does my model look different in my hand than in the display mode in Blockbench?

This is most likely a side effect of using 1.8. Back then, display slots worked differently. To fix this, you should switch to the latest version of Minecraft.

If you, for whatever reason, need the models in 1.8, you can manually edit the json file with any text editor.