Welcome to the first Blockbench public beta! Version 3.7, which is an animation focused update, is planned to come out in about a week, and before that you have the chance to try out the new version and to report any issues you might find.

Here are a few important points about the beta:

  • The Windows portable version you can download is a standalone app, it does not need to be installed and does not override your current stable Blockbench installation.
  • Before launching the beta version, make sure all other Blockbench windows are closed.
  • The current beta version is relatively stable, but if you are working on important projects in a beta version, make sure to create regular backups to prevent data loss.
  • Report issues on https://github.com/JannisX11/blockbench/issues, make sure to put [Beta] in the title.
  • Post and discuss feedback about the beta in the #feedback channel.
  • For now, only the 64 bit Windows version will be available.


New Animation Features

  • Particle effect renderer
  • Animation motion trails
  • Experimental Inverse Kinematics (IK) editing in animation mode
  • Added colorable keyframes
  • Added animation properties dialog
  • Preview of custom animation time update variables
  • Added support for blend_weight with preview
  • Animations can now be loaded from multiple different files
  • Bedrock animations are now imported from entity files automatically
  • Animations can now maintain bones that do not exist in the current model
  • Waveform preview of sound keyframes in the timeline
  • MoLang syntax highlighting in keyframe input fields
  • Animations now support and automatically detect individual snapping settings
  • Animation playback is now based on real time
  • Added actions to jump back and forth in the timeline by one frame, bound to comma and period
  • Added smooth interpolation mode for keyframes (Requires MC Bedrock 1.16.100 or newer!)
  • Added support for discontinuous keyframes and multiple effects per keyframe

Misc Features and Changes

  • New Skin models: Flat Texture, Cube, Armor
  • New Display Mode skin
  • Modded entity format now supports cube rotations
  • Added Material Instances editor for MC Bedrock block geometries
  • Transparent faces are now click-through, meaning you can select and paint things behind them
  • Transparent faces are now removed in glTF export
  • Added menu bar to switch panels on mobile devices
  • Added keybinding labels to menus and tooltips
  • Resolving groups now applies the group’s transformation to the content
  • Added setting to toggle minifying .bbmodel files
  • Added setting to toggle anti-aliasing
  • Sample texture now repeats if UV is bigger than texture
  • Added padding option to texture template generator
  • Mouse wheel scrolling is now supported in keybindings
  • Brush settings are now saved individually per tool
  • Using number sliders now locks the mouse position so you are longer restricted by screen boundaries
  • Added selection argument to select by marker color
  • Option to restore default preview backgrounds

Technical Changes

  • Updated Electron to 8.5.2
  • Updated Three.js to r120
  • Added live updating conditions inside dialog forms
  • Added property API support for all save-relevant classes
  • Added max_version property for plugins to prevent installation in newer versions (Only use in very specific cases!)


  • #678 Opening .bbmodel files on macOS loads Blockbench but not project
  • Ctrl + S in Skin format saves project instead of just texture
  • Group folding caret is hidden in animation mode when group only contains locators
  • Skin preset for the hoglin uses an outdated model
  • Fix transform space issues of pivot tool