After you have uploaded your Blockbench model to Sketchfab, a few steps are required to make the model look beautiful in the Sketchfab model viewer. Here are the the first steps, tricks and common issues:

Blurred Textures

All low resolution textures on Sketchfab will look blurred. You can fix this in a few simple steps:

  • Open the 3D Settings of your model
  • Open the Materials tab
  • Select the material in the top area of the tab or by left clicking on the 3D model.
  • Under PBR Maps, click on the Base Color texture.
  • In the menu, set Filtering to Nearest
  • Repeat for all materials


Transparency in textures is disabled by default. You have to set the alpha channel of your texture as the source of transparency:

  • Select the material as explained above
  • In the Materials tab, scroll down to Opacity.
  • Click on the texture and select your correct texture.
  • Set the Filter mode to Nearest.

Ugly Camera Starting Position

By default the camera can spawn in random positions, resulting in an ugly thumbnail and a weird starting position.

  • Open the 3D Settings
  • Position the camera as you wish
  • Click Save View in the top left corner of the viewport.
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