Here it is. This is Blockbench 2.0 [The Action Update]. It is not an entirely new program, but it has a lot of new, special features! You can update to the new version in Blockbench, by clicking “Update” in the File-menu.

The Thing About Version Numbers

Blockbench uses the semantic versioning system. Or at least it tries to. In that system, the version consists of three parts. Major version, minor version and patch. The minor version and patch version worked out white well, while the major version always stayed 1 since the first release of Blockbench in 2017. So to not have a trailing 1. in front of the actual version number, I decided to work through my todo list, stuff a lot of big new features into a new version and call it Blockbench 2.0.0. Now we are not going to stay on that version number, instead I plan to split all the upcoming feature releases into major and minor versions.

The Truck

You might have seen the truck on Twitter or on the splash screen. Some people have asked me, if this is an actual Blockbench model that works in Minecraft. And yes, the model has in fact been made in Blockbench by me and rendered by the awesome LNeoX from AriaCreations.

Since the introduction of the splash screen, I have always tried to create a new model as an example model and figure head for each new version. Why this model, you may ask? One of the main motives is the crane arms with their different tools representing the new Action system, which most of Blockbench is now structured around. Alright, so let’s get straight to the changelog:


  • Language Option (English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Spanish, more coming soon)
  • Quad Preview
  • Customizable Interface and Toolbars
  • Area Selector
  • New Optifine entity exporter
  • New Rotation System, allows fine rotations for OBJ Models
  • Entity Mode Preview Icons
  • Color Palette for the Color Picker
  • Automated Backups
  • Plugin Information Cards
  • Texture Namespace support
  • Option to select Default Image Editor for Textures
  • Option to change the Display Mode Skin
  • Optifine model import support
  • Improved Auto UV System
  • TGA Import Support
  • Move Relative Option now available in Entity Mode
  • Removed the bitmap/link system for textures, now handles mode automatically
  • Option to change the location of all loaded texture at once
  • Enabled double side rendering for display and entity mode
  • Improved template texture generator, now also available for block models
  • Settings and Keybindings are now sorted in categories
  • New, clearer design for context menues and tooltips
  • Added new custom icons
Technical Changes
  • Complete rewrite of the undo system
  • New “Action” system that handles all keybinds, toolbars and menues
  • New import, export and file drop API.
  • Library updates: (Electron: 1.8.4 > 2.0.0, Three.JS: 84 > 92, FileSaver: > 1.3.8)
  • Copy and pasting UV faces does not work properly in Entity Mode
  • #141 Invisible Cube when switching visibility in wireframe mode
  • #140 An error occurs when view a zero-sized cube in wireframe mode
  • #125 Large context menues are partly unreachable
  • #118 Move/Scale not working properly when a bone is rotated
  • #135 Web App Files incompatible with PC version
  • #124 Apply on all Slots isn’t applying to all slots
  • #120 vertex snapping and wireframe mode throw errors when an element is selected and you do an action
  • #121 Optifine’s entity model don’t export with rotation
  • Exporting an entity model does not update the status bar
  • While using the drag tool cubes exceed the 3x3x3 limit.
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